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Established in 2012 with abundant knowledge & experience in the Crystal Trade 

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Welcome to FettleBelle! The term 'Fettle' means wholeness in spirit or form and 'Belle' is French for beautiful. FettleBellewas launched in 2012 with the ambition to provide a naturally beautiful designed and handcrafted range of quality raw crystal jewellery that was unique and affordable. Since 2012 we have come a long way. Now, FettleBellestock high quality raw and cut crystals, and eco-friendly jewellery, spiritual tools and meditation products. May the range help you to manifest peace, joy, wellness, courage, love and abundance in your everyday life.  I hope you enjoy our range and find a treasure to call your very own.
The FettleBelle Team

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Crystals can be emotionally, physically and spiritually healing. The right crystal can be therapeutic and help bring back the body’s energy in balance. Crystal jewellery can also be helpful for removing energy blockages and ensuring overall well-being.

FettleBelle offers a huge selection of crystals and crystal jewellery in Australia. From bridal crystal tiaras to wedding and event displays, our collection has something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece to raise the vibration of your home or a headpiece for your big day, browse our collection. Every crystal in our collection is checked for quality and all pieces are natural crystal and are something you can cherish forever.

We believe in making high quality crystals accessible to all. Our crystals and crystal jewellery makes an excellent gift for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a lovely gift for Mother’s day or a friend’s birthday, FettleBelle offers high quality specimens at wholesale prices. Shop our unique collection at thoughtful price points today!